Premium Brick

  • Sale
  • $ 125

Premium bricks are placed in front of the Hall of Fame Tower or at a location near one of our Members listed. 

Maximum of 14 characters per line, up to 3 lines. 

  • Inscriptions may contain up to 14 characters per line, including spaces and punctuation
  • Use only capital letters
  • Use numerals (0-9)
  • Use of symbols will be limited to:
    • ampersand (&)
    • apostrophe (‘)
    • comma (,)
    • dash or hyphen(-)
    • exclamation point (!)
    • forward slash (/)
    • numeric (#)
    • plus (+)
    • quotation marks (“).
  • Discriminatory or inappropriate messages which refer to an individual’s or group’s sex, race, color, religious creed, national origin, age or physical handicap will not be permitted.
  • Inscriptions will communicate non-commercial messages only. Company names may be used, but company phone numbers, slogans, sales pitches and logos will not be permitted.

*Gift wrapping is not available for brick purchases